How can parents support students?

Financing education can be a family affair! We recognize that many parents are heavily involved in their child’s growth and progress as they research scholarships, and we support that!

Parents are welcome to engage with their child throughout the GrantMe program. Here are some ideas to be helpful to your child while they are on this journey:

  1. We suggest scheduling a time at the end of each month to sit with your child and go through their progress!
  2. Help your child schedule time to work on applications. (We recommend two hours a week.)
  3. Keep track of notices and deadlines in the app.
  4. Help them keep their tracking sheet updated so they are aware of upcoming deadlines
  5. Be encouraging! Applying for schools, scholarships, or financial support while juggling part-time work, fulfilling personal life goals, and ensuring good grades is challenging! Encourage your child to build good habits and help them by carving out time to work with them or simply asking them where you can help.

Parents can always contact us directly for info and updates at [email protected]!