What do I need to know to apply for the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership?

The TD Scholarship recognizes 20 students across Canada who demonstrate consistent and outstanding dedication to solve a community problem or make their community a better place. Valued at up to $70,000, the TD Scholarship funds tuition and living expenses for four years! Winners also receive summer employment opportunities, mentorship, and networking.

Here's what you need to know to apply for this scholarship!

What are the questions asked on the application?

  1. The first requirement is a 600-word essay describing your community leadership experience!
  • Describe:
    • Why you got involved
    • How your involvement shows initiative and innovation.
    • The ways your efforts have strengthened others.
    • How long you have been involved.
    • What you think the long-term impact will be.
    • How your community has affected you.
  • In addition, include a brief description of the range of your other community activities.
  1. You can also provide an optional 250-word essay describing your family and personal circumstances (family employment, economic situation, etc.) or other extenuating circumstances you feel are relevant to the consideration of your application.

If you need inspiration, you can also visit our Winning Essay Repository to read previous winning applications as well as use our Essay Wizard to help get you started with your essay!

What is the due date for the application?

The deadline is typically on November 15 each year.

How do I contact the TD Scholarship Committee?

Scholarship Partners Canada1710-350 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1

Tel.: (613) 563-1236

Toll free: 1-844-567-1237

Fax: (613) 563-9745

E-mail: [email protected]