What Is A Reference Letter?

Think of this as a piece of evidence you need to present to the judge or a key witness to prove that your client is innocent. A reference letter is as important as that. This document, also known as recommendation letter, is a letter written by a figure of authority testifying that what you wrote in your application is true.

That sounds like serious business! Why do they need that from me?

Like a lawyer sweating his pants to win the case, you need to have a backup and a reliable evidence that show you do deserve that scholarship award! Good references will help you clinch a job offer or an award, so it is best to keep a strong list of names (like members of the jury!) who can and will attest to your abilities.

Who writes the reference letter?

Your best option here is to find someone of a senior position in the company you work for or in the school you're enrolled in.

How do I get reference letters?

Who is the best person to ask?

Your referee should be familiar not only with your academic abilities, but also your personal interests and background and how those relate to and enhance your ability to carry out the proposed research.

What if I'm not particularly close with anyone?

No need to fret! What you need to do in cases such as this is ask them kindly to write a letter for you and inform them of the achievements you have made over the past three years or your thesis, transcript of records, or personal statement. Communicate with them and establish a rapport with them.

How to ask them?

When you ask someone for a reference letter, it is extremely important that you provide them with all the necessary information they need to write you a strong letter.

Be sure to provide them with:

  1. the name of the scholarship you are applying for,
  2. your resume or a list of your most recent achievements,
  3. information on what activities or achievements you would like your reference to highlight or focus on, and
  4. the timeline in which you need the reference letter back by.

What does a good reference letter look like?

  • The more information a referee has to draw from, the better the case for the support they can make for you.
  • Give your referees plenty of time—you don't want them writing letters at the last minute.
  • Advise your referees of the required format and length for the reference letter, where to send it, and the deadline for submission.
  • Follow up with your referees about a week before the deadline just to ensure that your reference has not been forgotten and acknowledge the referee's support.

How long should I give my referee to complete the letter?

Always try to make sure you give your reference at least two weeks to complete your reference letter. This is why it is best to ask for references during the first week or two of school starting so that you can have those reference letters done prior to when scholarship applications are due!

Will my reference letter be edited since this isn't my work per se?

Yes! Our essay editing team are ready and flexible to provide you with suggestions that will improve the content of your letter.

The reference letter needs to present an accurate and complete picture of your achievements and research potential. Most committees look at what you have already accomplished, but even more so, your potential to accomplish more in the future! Make sure to make this count!