Why should I complete the checklists?

Did you know that checklists are googled over 9 million times on average? We get it. They can be very satisfying when completed.

Besides the obvious content and joy completing a checklist brings, it is also extremely functional. It helps you break down complex tasks into simpler steps and makes it easy to keep track of the progress you are making. 

That's why we created a series of checklists: to help you keep on track!

Each section is designed to help you prepare and apply for the most important scholarships and also prepare any documents you may need to complete scholarship applications. It guides you through the first steps of using our platform and getting the best start on funding your education.

Start with the Entrance Cycle Checklist

This is the first checklist you should complete. This checklist introduces you to the GrantMe platform and helps you learn to use the platform quickly. The entrance cycle checklist does not expire, however, we encourage you to complete it as soon as possible! The sooner you start working for your goals, the sooner you attain a debt-free future!

Be sure to check off each section once completed. By the end of the checklist, you will have:

  1. applied to the GrantMe Scholarship,
  2. completed your scholarship portfolio,
  3. applied to any grants or bursaries you are eligible for,
  4. applied to your three top-choice universities,
  5. applied to 5 premium scholarships, and
  6. attended 4 of our webinars.

We would love to hear your feedback on the checklist. Do you like the checklist? Let us know here.