I've Received Multiple Acceptance Letters- How Do I Choose Which School To Attend?

First of all, congratulations! That in itself is an amazing accomplishment. Take a second, stop reading RIGHT NOW and just smile ๐Ÿ˜Š

Did you smile? Great! ๐Ÿค—

Ok, now let's deal with the issue at hand, how do you decide where you want to go? Well, there a few things you should consider and look into:

  1. For the program you applied for, how renowned is the school?
    • Academic quality! What is the general public saying about the schools you are considering?
    • Does it have a good mixture of support you are looking for? Co-op opportunities? Placement programs? Internships?
    • What about extra-curricular activities on campus? Do they have a league for your favourite sport?
  2. Cost.
    • If you received any awards make sure to take that into consideration! One school may offer you more dollars, but keep in mind it may also be more expensive. Or the school may offer you less AND be more expensive (boo!)
    • Think about financial aid
  3. Location!
    • Do you want to live away from home? If not, that's ok!
    • Moving is exciting, but also difficult! You will get homesick (it's inevitable). As well, it is more expensive to live on your own.
    • Do you have an existing support system there?
    • Do you like the campus? Does it have a homey feel?
    • How's the weather there?
  4. Ask your family.
    • What do they think? Is there are a clear choice for them? They should be a part of this decision as well!

Still unsure? Make sure to attend open houses - even virtual ones. Talk to alumni or any connections that may be able to provide insight.