How Do We Score Your Resumes?

Congratulations! You are awesome for completing your resume and finishing it! Now, you may be wondering:

Why did the editor grade my resume? It's not homework or something!

The editors follow a set of standards to what makes an impressive resume! Along with this, we have designed a completion scale that will help you and the editors determine if your resume is close to submitting!

But what do those numbers mean?

Your score represents your

a) progress

b) the things you need to focus on to improve your resume!

A 2 does not immediately conclude that your resume is mediocre but rather it means that there is still room for improvement! The best thing about this is that the editors enjoy working with you and will provide feedback to help you get to 5!

Where is the Resume Completion Scale Based On?

Like essays, there are six elements of a strong resume. Our editors always keep an eye if these elements are included in your resume!

  1. Keywords/Key Sections
  2. RATS Model
  3. Relevant Experiences
  4. Simplicity and Minimalism
  5. Measurable Success
  6. Spacing and Flow

That looks a lot. Should I really write all of that?

Not necessarily! One of the core elements of a strong resume is Simplicity and Minimalism, so you will be encouraged by the editors to keep your resume's writing direct and concise. Another element is Relevant Experiences, where you will be encouraged to write only those affiliations and activities that related to the scholarship or company you're applying for!

For more information on these elements and how to create a strong resume, please head on to this link!

Now could you please explain more why I got a score of...


The editor may have noticed issues such as:

  • important sections missing, such as Education, Profile, and Experience-related activities
  • vague descriptions of experiences due to not implementing the RATS model
  • irrelevant experiences
  • wordy descriptions
  • absence of results or impact in experiences
  • disorganized format


These may be the issues the editor noticed:

  • missing work, volunteer, or extracurricular experiences
  • no usage of the RATS model
  • irrelevant experiences
  • lengthy descriptions that need trimming down to be more simple
  • unclear description of results of impact
  • format needs frequent adjustment


The editor may have seen that:

  • you need to make your Profile, Education, and Work descriptions less wordy
  • you need to emphasize more on the results of your experiences
  • you need to clearly identify how the experiences you have mentioned are relevant to the position you are applying for
  • your descriptions of experience-related activities need to be more direct and concise and elevate its diction
  • your verbs need to be more specific and less vague


When you receive this score, these may be the issues you need to work on more:

  • good entries in your keywords or key sections but need some reorganization
  • slight revisions in your RATS descriptions under experience-related activities to elevate diction
  • few details may need rephrasing to make it more simplified and direct
  • the format looks clean but needs extra adjustment for uniformity


This score means your resume has been fully edited and is complete! 🎉 At this point, you can go ahead and submit your resume to the employer/committee. Congratulations! We wish you all the best!

As always, GrantMe is here to assist you in whatever endeavour you head to. We are excited to see your progress in your journey!