How can parents motivate their children?

How can parents motivate their children?

I know juggling scholarship applications, schoolwork and extracurricular activities can be daunting! 😞

Make everything feel like it’s fun, not a chore. You should be your child’s strongest supporter!

Get Involved

Schedule a sit-down conversation with your child once a week. It doesn’t have to be a formal conversation. Want to do it as you walk in the park,  while doing household chores together or maybe over an ice cream date? These conversations should be light and two-way! You don’t want to sound like you’re interrogating them!

Learn about their progress and how they feel about the entire process. Does it overwhelm them? What are the challenges? What are their scholarship goals? How can you help him/her in overcoming the challenges? Share your own experiences if you have any. This should help him/her follow in your footsteps. 

Make them feel like you are there to guide them all the way!

Reward System

What is extrinsic motivation? Hey, don’t think about buying the latest gadget for your kid! That’s not what I’m talking about here. 😅Extrinsic motivation can be used to motivate your child to do various different things. If there’s a known reward tied to the task or outcome, they may be extrinsically motivated to complete the task.

This doesn’t have to be tangible. Making them feel rewarded by praising them for their hard work or a job well done is good enough to raise their motivation level. Praising your child for carrying on when things get tough, sustaining effort and for overcoming self-doubt can all help teach them the value of pushing themselves. 

Think about engaging them in a friendly competition!

Leverage Delayed Gratification

Given that the scholarship application requires time and effort, students can feel like it’s going to waste, especially if they have not won anything in the first few months. Remind them of their long-term goals! 

Be realistic! Winning takes time, effort and labour. They can’t just apply for two scholarships and expect to win both. Invest, invest, invest!

There’s a Scholarship Payoff Period. The formula here is to work hard, work more, then enjoy the fruits of your labour later. Fulfillment will definitely come! 💰

Mistakes are okay!

There are kids who are absolutely scared of committing mistakes. Create a safe space for them to open up about their challenges. Let them know that it’s alright to make mistakes because every mistake will come with learning. Trust the process!

Some students get discouraged when their essays don’t immediately get a 5/5. The completion score is just a number to identify their areas of improvement. It doesn't define them or their skill. Make them feel comfortable in accepting constructive feedback because this will help them improve over time. 

Don’t be a perfectionist! Be process-driven. This means that they learn the process, its challenges and learn new skills as they go. 

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