What is GrantMe Tutoring?

Why did we start GrantMe Tutoring? What is GrantMe Tutoring? How can I book a tutoring session? Who are the tutors? How can this help me? GrantMe is here to answer your tutoring questions 🙌

Why did we start GrantMe Tutoring?

Our mission at GrantMe is to secure your future. Before we offered tutoring, we did this by providing guidance during the university and scholarship application process and providing essay editing for supplemental applications. We still do this, but now we offer more. Grades are a very important aspect of the application process and we are happy to now provide support in securing competitive grades to achieve your Vision & Goals. Read on to learn about how we are doing this.

What is GrantMe Tutoring?

GrantMe Tutoring is a tech-enhanced 1-1 virtual tutoring experience. GrantMe Tutoring sessions last 1 hour with built-in time to discuss the student's Vision and Goals in order to have a productive and motivating work session. Following the session, students and parents can view their live updates on the student's tutoring progress in-app and via a text update. 

How can I book a tutoring session?

To book your first session, simply visit grantme.ca/tutoring and select your tutor of choice. Select a session time from the tutor's availability. Following this, you will be prompted to complete a pre-session form with information like your grade, subject area, and goals for tutoring. This will help your tutor effectively prepare for the session and provide a high-quality experience. After registering for your first session, you will receive a confirmation email with the information you provided. You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your session. 

Who are the GrantMe Tutors?

GrantMe Tutors began as GrantMe students themselves. They have a combined total of over $300,000 in scholarship winnings and have recent experience navigating the university and scholarship application process. Actively involved in their communities, GrantMe Tutors have developed sustainable study strategies to maintain high grades with a busy schedule. They also have years of experience tutoring, some even have experience founding their own tutoring organizations such as Peer2Peer and Tutor with Paige. GrantMe Tutors have received Distinctions of Excellence in upper level AP and IB courses and are experts in Math and Science. They also value developing a personal connection with students and acting as a mentor for them throughout the university and scholarship application process. 

To learn more about our amazing team of tutors, visit grantme.ca/tutoring.

How can this help me?

From years of working with students and their families, we are familiar with the "October Breakdown" of Grade 12. The moment when most students start applying to universities and big-ticket scholarships only to realize that their grades are not quite good enough. This feeling is outright defeating. Students feel helpless because it is too late to try and improve their grades and they must give up on their goal to attend their dream school. 

We work with students from early on to help prevent the "October Breakdown". Our tutors are trained in not just supporting the student with their current curriculum, but developing long term study strategies that work best for you based on your learning style. By the time Grade 12 rolls around, GrantMe Tutoring students are equipped with the sustainable study methods to maintain a competitive average so they can instead focus on the many other demands of senior year including applications, extracurriculars, and time with friends.