How to get accurate scholarship matches?

When starting your GrantMe journey, one of the ways we aim to support you is to help you apply for scholarships to receive funding for your education – this is why we have a ready set scholarship database with a list of scholarships for you to apply for! 

Now, how do we make sure that you get the right scholarship matches into your account?

When you log in to your GrantMe account, the Scholarship All Matches page which can be accessed here Scholarships | GrantMe. This should contain scholarships that are a fit for you based on the eligibility criteria such as grade level, hobbies, school attending/planning to attend and the like; there’s a lot of pretty fun choices for all the activities you might enjoy or have partaken in! The app’s algorithm relies on your profile so for you to get the right matches there, make sure your Matching Criteria (personal information) are always up to date. 

Updating your Matching Criteria

Let’s update your profile! Log in to your GrantMe account and click on your name on the upper right side. Once you click on your name, a drop-down of options should appear and you should see the “ Edit Profile” option – we’ll break it down step by step for you to make sure we’re helping you as much as we can!
1. Click on the “Edit Profile” option and it should take you to your Matching Criteria. 
2. Start updating it as extensively as possible. Include all your educational information, personal background, familial background and even extracurricular and curricular hobbies, activities and experiences so that your profile information will be up to date! 
3. Click the Save button and refresh the page. 

After clicking save, you can go back to your Scholarship All Matches Page with updated scholarships that you can now apply for. Happy applying!

What happens when I see that a Scholarship in the GrantMe App is not up to date?

While our team regularly checks and updates the information on scholarships in our database, there are times wherein scholarship committees and organizations update their scholarship details suddenly or close to the deadline and our team may have missed it. If you see scholarships that have inaccurate details in our app, please make sure to report it so that we can quickly fix it and give you and all our students correct information! To do this, simply go to the scholarship page and find the three blue dots on the right side of the scholarship title as can be seen here:

Once you see the three blue dots on the right side, you can click on it and it should have a drop down that says “Report Issue”. Simply click that option and fill in the necessary information to report the scholarship over to us. Once you click on “Submit”, we will be able to look into the scholarship and update it as soon as possible.