Updates to Tasks

What's New with Tasks

We've launched some exciting new updates to Tasks. Read below to learn more about what's changed.


What if a task is a little more involved than just a title and a description? We've added the ability to add subtasks to any task which enables you to plan your work in a little more detail.

To add subtasks to a task view a task's details and click "+Add Subtask" as demonstrated here:

Adding and Editing Tasks from within a Section

You now have the ability to add tasks from within a section, by clicking, "+Add Task". You can also edit a task without having to view its details by simply clicking on a task. Take a look!

Additional Improvements

We've also made a number of additional improvements to make it easier and friendlier to use tasks.

  • We've made it easier to tell whether you are viewing incomplete tasks or complete tasks
  • We have enabled hyperlinks for task descriptions
  • We have made it clearer to drag and drop a task
  • We've made tasks priorities a little more clear
  • We've added the ability to create a new section from within a task's details

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