What is the GrantMe Grade 10/11 Program?

  • Research conducted by Macleans Magazine has determined: The average four-year degree total cost is $77,995 in Canada.
  • On average, students graduate with over $26,000 of debt from their post-secondary education (National Post).
  • See how students are coping with this debt after graduation in THIS article.
  • This debt is preventable in Canada because there are so many scholarships available.
  • We created GrantMe to show students how to take control of their financial future and graduate debt-free from their top choice university.

Why Start In Grade 10/11?

Grade 12 is your biggest scholarship opportunity because there are the most available. But it's also your busiest year. We built a Grade 12 program, and our students got great results. But they kept telling us how they wish they started in Grade 10 or 11. We created a program that you could start in Grade 10/11 based on the feedback from students and parents in our Grade 12 program. 

Starting in Grade 10 or 11 means that you already have the experience, the essays, and the plan to cruise through Grade 12. You'll be submitting scholarship essays and knocking off your university applications left-right-and-centre. While other students are crumbling from the stress - you'll be in complete control. That's not to say that it's gonna be easy and you can put it on cruise control. But you'll have a system and an action plan to take.

Who is this for?

Are you motivated to get a great education and be financially responsible? Do you want to make an impact in this world?

If that's you, we can help. To be honest, our program is not for students looking for a free ride. It's for students who are already doing the work to be great - but they want a proven system to follow to multiply their effort into great results.

In helping thousands of students win over a million dollars in scholarships, we found that the biggest winners were a type of student that we call the "Super Student". The super student cares about their marks, their community, their family, their friends and their extracurriculars. The super student graduates from their top choice university with money in the bank. They are proud to say that they weren't a burden on their family or society. They worked hard for their financial future and they earned it.

We recognized that not all Super Students recognize themselves as Super Students (and if you're reading this, you probably are). We also found that not all Super Students had a plan to go from where they are, to graduating with money in the bank. There's a lot of unclear information. There isn't really a step by step process to follow. Sure, there's basic budgeting and future planning in school. But not for the super student. The super student wants to be challenged and pushed to their potential.

So we built this program for that student. Is working hard and knows they can put that hard work to better use. The student who is willing to do more than the minimum, and wants a program to challenge their ability. The student who takes pride in contributing to others and doesn't want to be a financial burden on others. The student who takes control and gets the results that they want.

What happens after the program?

During the Scholarship Preparation Program, you design your Authentic Personal Brand, set an Impactful Vision, and create your GrantMe Portfolio. This includes writing preparatory essays for the biggest scholarships in Canada. We also help you to explore which scholarships to aim for - and we'll even match you to scholarships that you're a good fit for. This program really puts you in the POSITION to be a great scholarship winner. You'll then have the opportunity to work with our Scholarship System to apply to and win scholarships.

What is the format of the program?

The program is online, interactive, and action-based.

Just like Netflix or Facebook, you access your primary learning materials through your online browser, smartphone or tablet. This is also where you can access your account, interact with our support staff, and submit your assignments for review and feedback.

The program is highly interactive. We offer support around the clock and have weekly video Q&A where you can come and get answers to your questions.

The program is also action based. We ask that you follow our step-by-step instructions to create Top 1% resumes, cover letters, and winning scholarship essays. We provide you feedback and coaching to get to the top 1%. While the assignments are optional, you'll obviously get more from the process if you submit your assignments for feedback.

We are a resource for students who want to get to the next level. You can consume the information on your own time. And the more you use our editing, feedback, and support, the more you'll walk away with.

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