What is the GrantMe Financial Freedom Mastery Program?

GrantMe is an organization dedicated to helping students succeed. Our work paves a path for high-performing students to receive the financial support they need to accomplish their academic goals. One of our featured offerings is called Financial Freedom Mastery. Here’s what it’s all about and why we offer it.

Why Do You Need The Financial Freedom Mastery Program?

  • Research conducted by Macleans Magazine has determined that the average four-year degree at a Canadian university costs $77,995.
  • On average, students graduate with over $26,000 of debt from their post-secondary education.
  • Click here to read about how students are coping with this debt after graduation.

And here’s the sad part. This crippling, overwhelming, soul-sucking debt is preventable in Canada! Our country offers a wide variety of scholarships that most students don’t benefit from because they simply don’t know about them. 

GrantMe exists to show students how to take control of their financial future and graduate debt-free from their top choice university.

When Should You Do The Program?

The ideal time to start this program is... yesterday. Seriously, though. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to gain access to resources for your education. You will have unbelievable access to our coaching, databases and scholarship-winning strategies.

Whether you are a high school student, undergrad student, or working on your masters or Ph.D, this is the right path for you. We purposefully created a program that you could start in Grade 10 because it gives you the time to build the experiences you need to win $50,000-$100,000 in scholarships. Your peers will be blindsided by university applications. You will be in control. We give you the system you need to navigate this next season of your life and education. Starting in Grade 10 or 11 is ideal because you will lay a solid groundwork for future success. But don’t misunderstand: it’s never too late. We coach people at every level of their education and they find success in winning money to complete school. 

Additionally, starting in university has its perks. You already have developed writing skills and can take action with our writing formulas with a tailored scholarship package. We can help you win big money while you’re at university. Wouldn’t it be great to graduate school with financial freedom? Don’t hesitate. This is the right choice. 

Who Is This Program For?

We want waymakers, movers and shakers. Our students are highly motivated to get the best education money can buy. We help you with the money part. 

This is not about a free ride. This is about utilizing a proven system that multiplies your efforts and gets you results. We empower students who are ready to change the world with their education. 

In other words, we work for “Super Students.” We have helped thousands of students win over a million dollars in scholarships. Super Students have the best success. These are people who:

  • Care about their marks
  • Invest in their community
  • Maintain healthy relationships with family and friends
  • Engage in extracurriculars
  • Have a passion for good causes
  • Work hard
  • Are independent
  • Have a vision for their financial future

Not all Super-Students see themselves as Super, but if you’re reading this, you probably are. Super Students also have a plan for how they want to get through their education. 

Here’s the problem: you’re awesome but you’re up against a complex system you may not have the time or access to learn. That’s where we come in. There is no templated process out there in the world for finding scholarships. This process is very agile; it changes and adjusts with new organizations, new policies and other challenges. As a Super Student, you get that this will take work and you’re ready to do it. You are who this program was built for.

What Happens After the Program?

We don’t give you all the tools and wish you luck. During the Scholarship Preparation Program, you design your Authentic Personal Brand, build initiatives that have an impact and create your GrantMe Portfolio. These are tools and skills that follow you and keep you in a sphere of success.

You will learn how to write preparatory essays for the biggest scholarships in Canada as well as drafting an attention-grabbing resume and cover letter. You will also explore all of your scholarship options, receiving expert advice for the ones you should go for. Ultimately, this program turns you into a scholarship winner. After you finish, you get the chance to work with our Scholarship System where you actually apply for and win scholarships. 

What is The Format of The Program?

The program is online and interactive.

All of your primary learning materials are available right on your smart device or computer. Use the app and a wealth of digital resources. At a tap, you get access to your account, contact support staff and submit your assignments for review and feedback.

We’ve got your back. Our support team is available around-the-clock. You’ll get access to a weekly, real-time Q & A where you can connect with other people and get answers to your questions. 

If you follow our step-by-step instructions, you will create top 1% resumes, cover letters and scholarship essays that achieve results. Our expert coaching eliminates your competition and puts you on top. Optional (but hugely beneficial) assignments will help hone your skills. Take advantage of everything in this program and you will be equipped to succeed.