Format of the Scholarship Success Program?

The GrantMe Scholarship Success Program is a six-week online, interactive and action-based program. It's designed to help position students to be big scholarship winners, get into their top choice university, and graduate debt-free. We designed the program to be accessible to students anywhere in Canada no matter where you live.

You access the program through an internet browser just like Facebook or Netflix. You can access it on any desktop or laptop computer, and any tablet or mobile device so long as you have an internet connection.

The Program Includes six main components for the perfectly engineered scholarship candidate.

WEEK 1: Creating Your Authentic Personal Brand/Goal Setting For Impact

The first week is all about discovering your personal brand. This is important as it helps you understand your main purpose for being in the program and what you hope to get out of it. For some students it is scholarship success, for some it is making sure they get into a specific school, for some it is improved writing skills and it could be many other things. For many students, they have multiple goals for the program and we work together to create a plan of exactly how to get you there. We set realistic goals for you to achieve in the program, as well as goals for your future.

WEEK 2: Initiative in Action

We align your actions with your authentic personal brand. We curate your involvement in volunteer, leadership and extra-curricular roles in a way that is going to make an impact on your school and community. This is what students need to stand out on scholarship and university applications. Here, we position you to win big scholarships while making an impact that means something to you and aligns with your passions.

WEEK 3: Resume and Cover Letter

We help you to create a top 1% resume and cover letter. Most students, even after university, don't know what a properly formatted resume and cover letter look like. They also don't know which information is relevant on a resume/cover letter and how to tailor the resume to specific applications. We perfect your resume and cover letter so that it is ready for scholarships, university applications and job opportunities. 

WEEK 4: Scholarship Discovery

Imagine if you could make the scholarship search process so efficient that you could complete applications in minutes. We match you to scholarships based on the information you have given us in your application form and on your resume and look at scholarship opportunities that may be available for you right now. We consider things such as your academic standing, your schools/programs of interest and your volunteer and work expereince to find you the scholarships in our database that will give you the best success rate. Every student is eligible for hundreds of scholarships, which is why it is clear you don't want to start that research process right before you have to pay for your university tuition. We save each student at least 60 hours of research during this process.

WEEK 5: Scholarship Writing/ University Application Writing

WEEK 6: Scholarship Writing/ University Application Writing + Planning For Grade 12

Scholarship and university applications have a very unique writing style. We find that students who may be strong in English class often have trouble writing in this style. This style of writing requires self-reflection on your accomplishments while writing with persuasive language. Students must strike a balance between standing out while creating a professional and easy to read application. This style of writing takes a lot of practice and most students never get this. We show you exactly how to write a winning essay. And we have the results to prove we know what we're talking about.


  • Online Training Course: We have online material we ask our students to go through each week to help them set the foundation for the required assignments they have to submit.
  • Workshops With Our Founder Madison Guy (online and replayable): We host workshops in a webinar format throughout the course that covers specific course material and always include a Q+A for students to ask specific questions. They are always available for replay when you are unable to join us live.
  • Essay and Application Editing:  We will be working to create a group of templates with you that you can use for scholarship and university applications. We make comments and suggested changes to improve your application and support you in putting forth the best application possible.
  • The GrantMe Portfolio: You will leave the program with a goal setting worksheet, a personal brand kit, a new resume and cover letter, a list of scholarship opportunities and resources on scholarship research, a writing toolkit as well as a variety of essay templates you can use for scholarship and university applications. 

The program is action based because you submit your essays and applications to us for editing, participate in interactive workshops and create a portfolio that will prepare you for scholarships. We give you all the tools and resources you need to be successful and support you in completing the assignments. Of course, your level of participation is up to you and we find that the more students use our resources, the better they do.

If you'd like to apply, please schedule a strategy call.