Why do I need to do scholarship preparation in Grade 10 and 11 and not just start in Grade 12?

1. Begin The Transformation Before It Is Too Late

We help students who WANT to make an impact, be financially responsible, and get a great education. You won't magically wake up one day and be this type of student who has the right volunteer, the writing skills, the grades and the knowledge you need to be successful with scholarships. These skills take years to develop, and starting the Scholarship Preparation Program is about becoming the type of student who can win scholarships in Grade 12.

2. Grade 12 Is Too Overwhelming:

The biggest feedback from our Grade 12 parents and students is that they wish they had started this program earlier because beginning in Grade 12 is very stressful. In fact, at GrantMe we plan on no longer accepting Grade 12 students into our Grade 12 program unless they have gone through our Grade 11 program because they are simply too far behind. Our grade 10 students will have the best opportunity to plan for success because they are planning for Grade 11 and Grade 12. If you missed Grade 10, you NEED to start now if you are in Grade 11. 

3. Your Last Three Years of Experience Matter Most:

It is your most recent three years of experience that matters most to scholarship committees and university admissions teams, so if you start in Grade 10, you have the time you need to build your best three-year resume for Grade 12.