How much time should I expect to commit?

This is the good news. GrantMe’s online programs are completely digital and self-paced. We estimate that highly invested students will need about three hours a week to complete the materials and keep up with their progress. Learning outcomes are due each week for the first three weeks, after which you read and receive coaching and advice.

Here are all of the program elements that may take you a little time:

  • Weekly Course Material: again, it’s go at your own pace. We also generously allow continued access to materials after the course is completed.
  • Weekly Office Webinars: tune in for an hour each week to get live, expert advice and realtime Q & A sessions.
  • Submission of Learning Outcomes: to fully benefit, you should engage in the weekly assignments. These help you refine your skills and cover things like how to write resumes, how to craft cover letters and more. Beneficial, yes. Required, no. Again, the program can be tailored to suit your needs and availability.

You also have the option to submit your work for review during the six weeks you will participate. This is a tool to help you stay accountable if you need it.