How much time should I expect to commit?

The great news is:

The Program Is Online and Self-Paced. It should take you approximately 3 hrs per week on your own time. We have learning outcomes that you can complete to get the most out of the course. The learning outcomes are due each week within the first 1-3 weeks. After week 3, the rest of the material is reading the material. 

Here is a breakdown of time allocation:

Weekly Course Material: you can choose to go at your own pace and will have continued access to the course material even after the course is completed.

Weekly Office Webinars: These are done by our GrantMe staff and are an hour long to help you answer your questions. 

Submission of Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcome submission is up to your discretion! You have the option to submit weekly assignments such as the practice scholarship application, resumes, cover letters, etc, but it isn't required. We leave it to you as the student to decide whether you would like someone to look over your weekly progress during the six weeks. 

We set it up this way because we know every student in our program is an action-taker and is able to hold themselves accountable.