What can I expect to win? The Student Success Matrix

The Student Success Matrix:

Want to get an understanding of what to expect in scholarship winnings? We have built you a Scholarship Success Matrix for your reference based on all of the data from our previous students!

The matrix compares the level of the student vs the number of completed applications to determine the average expected winnings of our students:

Understanding the Types of Volunteer Roles:

Initiator Roles: Are roles that the student starts themselves. Ex. They started a club, fundraiser, or project that generates a big impact (sustainability, mental health, bullying, etc.). Initiator roles are the highest form of leadership. 

Leadership Roles: They are in a volunteer organization and have a leadership title (coach, counsellor, executive member, president, etc.)

Member Roles: Part of an organization as a team member. For example, volunteering at the soup kitchen, volunteering at the hospital at the info desk, or volunteering for the animal shelter.