Automatic Entrance & Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships

There are two types of University Entrance Scholarships:

  1. Automatic Entrance Scholarships
  2. Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships

Automatic Entrance Scholarships

Automatic entrance scholarships are based on a student’s grades as they go into Post-Secondary school. 

For example, if a student has a 90% average, a university may offer an automatic $2,000 to that student based on their core average* alone. A university website will usually have information on grades-based scholarships. The great thing is, these are automatic, meaning they don’t even require an application. Once you apply to the school, you will already be entered to win this kind of scholarship.

Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships

Merit-based entrance scholarships assess how much great work a student has done, both academically and socially. In other words, these scholarships take both volunteer work and grades into account. These scholarships may or may not be automatically awarded upon acceptance to a university.

Click here to see an example of a Merit-Based Scholarships from UBC (UBC Centennial Award).** 

Grant Me expects that students learn about these two types of scholarships within a month of enrolment. Information about these kinds of scholarships at their top three university choices should be recorded.

*What is the core average? A core average is your top 4 provincially examinable courses that you take in high school. The score of these is what constitutes your GPA. 

**This award requires you to apply to the school and fill out a separate application.