Automatic Entrance & Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships

There are two types of University Entrance Scholarships, one is Automatic Entrance Scholarships and Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships. 

Automatic Entrance Scholarships - these scholarships are based on your grades coming into Post-Secondary school. You may have a 90% average and so they school that you are applying to may offer an automatic $2,000 to students who have a core average of 90%. Visit the university that you want to go to's website to see what they offer for grades-based scholarships. You do not need to apply to automatic entrance scholarships, your application to the school will automatically enter you in for this type of award. 

**What is the core average? A core average is your top 4 provincially examinable courses that you take in high school that you base your GPA on. 

Merit-Based Entrance Scholarships - are scholarships that are based on your community/school volunteer activities and grades combined. Sometimes they require an application and sometimes they are based on your application to the university. Here is an example of a Merit-Based Scholarships from UBC (UBC Centennial Award): (this award requires you to apply to the school and fill out a separate application. 

Our expectation is that we expect your child to find entrance scholarships within the month of their enrolment, they will need to add the ones from their top 3 schools that you are applying to.