Affiliate Scholarships

Affiliate scholarships are scholarships that are directly related to your child. For example, your work place, unions, churches, and organizations you are affiliated with may offer scholarships and bursaries. We ask that students check with these institutions to see if there is anything being offered.

Here are some Affiliate Scholarship examples that they can check:

1) Parents Employers (unions)
2) Your Employers
3) Any Clubs You Have Been In (ie. sports, dance, drama)
4) Specific Groups Based on Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Religion etc
5) Veteran Family Members
6) Organizations You Have Volunteered With

Our expectation is that we expect they try to find 5 affiliate scholarships within the first month of a student's enrollment. If a student is unable to find affiliate scholarships they can email our team for support and to ensure we have exhausted all available opportunities.