How do I find affiliate scholarships?

Affiliate scholarships are awarded to specific kinds of students. This kind of scholarship is a great opportunity for a student to look into how their home network or favourite activities can fund their education. 

Many organizations offer scholarships and bursaries. 

Here are some Affiliate Scholarship examples that each student should look into:

1) Parents’ Employers (unions)

2) Student Employers

3) Clubs (ie. sports, dance, drama)

4) Specific Groups Based on Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Religion, etc.

5) Veteran Family Members

6) Organizations You Have Volunteered With

Students are expected to find five affiliate scholarships within the first month of enrollment. If a student is unable to find affiliate scholarships, we are happy to help! Our team is well-versed in the art of sleuthing around and matching the right opportunity to the right student.