High School & University Scholarships

High school and university scholarships are scholarships that are directly offered by your child's school. If they are in high school, they can ask their guidance counselor or teacher what scholarships are being offered. If they are in university, then they can check with the financial aid office at their school or directly on the university's website.

If your child is in high school, have them ask their counselor at the beginning of the year, to see what is available and when scholarship applications  are going to be released (normally we see high school scholarships be released in December). 

Our expectation is that students add 10-20 high school and university scholarships to the app within the first month of joining the program. In order to do this, the student will need to:

1. Speak with their counselor about the available internal high school scholarships and add them to the app.

2. Research the universities that they are interested in and add the entrance based scholarships to the app.

*We also have modules on scholarship research in the course area to help students navigate this process.

Parents can support students with this by checking in on them within the first month of the program to see if students have added both high school and university scholarship to their tracking sheet.