Scholarship Categories

Scholarship Types:

You first want to start by focusing on your Individual and High Priority Scholarships. You can add these scholarships to your tracking sheet to make sure that they are at the top of your list!

What is an  Individual Scholarship? Any scholarships that you add to the app on your own that you think are a good fit for you. Individual Scholarships get placed in your Big 5 Category on your Tracking Sheet in the scholarship matching app. Individual scholarships consist of:

  • High School Scholarships: University Entrance, University Department, High School Internal Awards, District Awards, and Individual Awards (added by students)
  • University Student Scholarships: University Department and Individual Awards (added by students)
  • Affiliate Scholarships: any scholarships that you can find from your:
    • Parents employers
    • Your employers
    • Any clubs you have been involved in (ie. sports, dance, drama)
    • Specific groups based on ethnicity, race, gender, religion
    • Veteran family members
    • Organizations you have volunteered with

What is a  High Priority Premium? Scholarships that are high ticket scholarships and also personal to you. These applications may take longer and will need more time to review. 

What is a  Premium Standard? Scholarships that our previous students have won, but may not be a high priority. Only 1 submission required. 

What is a  Free Match? Valid scholarships that we have researched.