GrantMe's Essay Editing Completion Scale

Your GrantMe Essay Editing Completion Scale

We designed the completion scale to help you assess how close your essay or other writing assignment is to being ready to submit! There are five steps in the scale, with each number indicating the top areas you can focus on to take your writing to the next level. It is not necessarily meant to assess the quality of your writing. Instead, we hope to help you determine how you can best fulfill the writing prompt and showcase your character. Your essay editor will indicate where your essay is currently on the scale in a comment at the top of your document. Use your completion scale score to determine what to focus on most and to give you an idea of how much more time and work is needed until your essay is complete!

GrantMe Essay Editors focus on structure and content. We encourage students to make sure that their spelling and grammar are in check before they submit! Feel free to download Grammarly and use it as a tool for a quick and easy scan before you submit your essay in for editing. 

The 6 core elements of a winning essay:

1. Direct and concise writing

2. The use of STAR structure

3. Powerful volunteer examples

4. Connecting your impact

5. Elevated diction

6. A compelling Hook

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