How do I get help if I'm feeling overwhelmed?

What's the top reason why students might be stressed out about or struggling with scholarships and university?

They simply do not have a plan!

Many students keep all the details about what they need to do for success in their head or in a journal. All too often, that's where it stays and you become overwhelmed with everything. When you create a calendar and plan your work, you have a dramatically higher chance of actually getting your work done. 

Here’s why:

  • You start to think ahead to see what roadblocks might exist
  • You get clear on what work needs to be done and by when
  • You visually see your work in space and in time—instead of it being jumbled in your head
  • You end up seeing where you actually have spare time for yourself and your friends & family

Here's how you can plan your schedule and set yourself up for success:

  • Put all your commitments into your calendar! Live by the rule “If it’s not in your calendar, it doesn’t exist.” This includes school, bed time, wake up, meals, extracurricular activities, social events, family time, homework, study time—and more! 
  • Be aware of upcoming deadlines. Look up the next scholarship that is due for you in the GrantMe Scholarship Matching App.
  • Think about what your number one focus should be for the week. What major scholarship or school project is coming up for you? When you can focus on one thing at a time, you stay in focus. When you have multiple ideas or things that you need to do in your head, it can be very overwhelming. Decide what is most important for the week and schedule your time accordingly. 
  • Schedule Scholarship Writing Time! During this time, write the next scholarship or university application essay that is due. At the end of the time you scheduled, submit your essay to GrantMe for editing—even if isn't perfect!
  • Schedule Scholarship/Application Submission Time! Use this time to review the feedback from GrantMe and implement it in your essay. If you have at least a few more days before the deadline, try to resubmit your application to GrantMe for more edits! This will help to improve your odds of winning the scholarship or getting accepted to the university. If you don't have time for more edits, be sure to submit your application to the review committee by the end of your scheduled Scholarship/Application Submission Time!

Here is what a well-planned student calendar looks like:

Reach Out!

As with any new habit you start, you may struggle in the beginning. Always know that you can reach out to us for support! Send us an email, attend office hours, or request a one-on-one call with us. We can help you focus on what will be a priority for you and how to manage your time.

P.S.— Student Success Notes

Just like a carpenter learns to use their tools to create better and better houses, a student learns to use their tools to create a better and better life.

Your main tools as a student are your calendar and your journal or notepad.

We recommend using a virtual calendar like Google Calendar!

  • You can easily write notes in each calendar event
  • You can invite people to events to keep them accountable too
  • Calendars integrate with event websites and scheduling software. This allows you to book in GrantMe mentorship calls and integrate any other event you've been invited to right into your email!
  • You can set reminders so that you never miss anything
  • You can set locations for your events, and create notifications for when you need to leave
  • You can integrate the event location into your route planning for the day

When you enter the workplace, you'll eventually need to learn these skills. You can either learn it in the thick of things, or you can begin learning it now. You don't have to be perfect to begin. Imagine that you're an apprentice carpenter learning to use the tools! With more effort and repetition, your time management will improve and so will your stress and anxiety about what needs to be done, and by when.