How does integrity unlock performance?

One of our core values at GrantMe is integrity. 

We define integrity as “whole, perfect and complete”

Others may add morality, ethics, or legality to this definition. However, we believe integrity is a separate phenomenon in our world. 

Through working with integrity, we can unlock high performance.

We break it down like this:

Integrity > Opportunity for Workability > Opportunity for Performance

Integrity itself does not guarantee performance. Rather, it provides you with the highest opportunity for workability and thus performance.

For example, a racecar with a flat tire has a dramatically diminished opportunity for performance. Simply working on the integrity of the racecar (by filling up the tire to make it "whole, complete, and perfect") will likely improve the performance if only because there is now a larger opportunity for performance.

Many times, we try to improve our performance on the basis of no integrity. This is a losing game because there is a very small opportunity for workability, and thus a small opportunity for performance.

Here are some ways we practise integrity at GrantMe that you can use too!

  • Be your word. Do what you say and by when you say you’ll do it. Do what others would expect of you and by when they would expect you to do it.
  • Be in communication as soon as you realize that you cannot do what you say you will and by when you said you’d do it.

In other words: Plan your work and work your plan.

Remember that integrity takes time to grow and there will be mistakes along the way. When breakdowns happen, simply restore integrity. There are four steps for restoring integrity:

  1. Acknowledge the broken agreement
  2. Address the impact of the broken agreement
  3. Acknowledge what action you will take to address the impact of the broken agreement
  4. Put in place a structure so that it never happens again

Use these tips to build your own integrity and unlock performance in university, scholarships, and life!