How do you find the motivation or willpower for scholarship and university applications?

Willpower is a battery.

Have you ever noticed that you have more “motivation”, “discipline”, and “willpower” when you’re:

  • Well-rested
  • Not stressed
  • Well-fed
  • Happy
  • After you have exercised

How many times have you tried relying on willpower and discipline—then ended up failing when things got tough? Well, that’s because your willpower battery was low!

Students who succeed understand this and use two strategies:

  • Take action to increase their willpower battery. They ensure that they do their most important work when they’re well-rested, well-fed, happy, and after exercise.
  • Set up systems that do not rely on willpower. For example, if you have to rely on willpower to write your scholarship essays, it probably won’t happen. But if you schedule a time with your parents to sit and write an essay, you don’t need to rely on willpower because your parents will expect you to be there.