The North Star Cycle

Scholarship winners focus on repeating 4 steps. We call this the North Star Cycle. These four steps are:

Top students in our program repeat this cycle at least 20 times. So each cycle is worth 5% of progress on your North Star Progress Bar.

The Big 5

These are the scholarships we ask you to add to your tracking sheet at the beginning of the program and they make up 25% of the scholarships you should be applying to. You need to find at least 5 of these types of scholarships because they are your highest probability of winning:

  • University Entrance (automatic)
  • University Department (application based and usually given out by faculty)
  • High School Internal Awards
  • District Awards
  • Affiliate Scholarships that can be from, but not limited to:
    • Your parents' employers
    • Your employers
    • Any clubs you have been involved in (ie. sports, dance, drama)
    • Specific groups based on ethnicity, race, gender, religion
    • Veteran family members
    • Organizations you have volunteered with

The App 15

These are 15 scholarships that are not on your Big 5 list, they are High Priority Scholarships that our team members have hand-selected for you in the app. They will be automatically placed on your tracking sheet and you need to apply to at least 15. 

Next Steps

  1. The first step is to add your Big 5 scholarships to the app. 
  2. Take a look at your App 15 scholarships that our team has selected for you. 
  3. Start your first North Star Cycle.

Student Success Notes

This cycle:

  • Plan your work, work your plan
  • Get feedback
  • Take action
  • Repeat the exact same cycle that high performing, calm, and composed University students follow with their schoolwork, their work, their extracurriculars, and their social & family life. Mastering this North Star Cycle is a repeatable system that you can use wherever you want