How do I move a scholarship to my tracking sheet?

Tracking a scholarship is the first step to building your tracking sheet and ensuring you make the most of your program! Updating your tracking sheet allows us to know which scholarships to recommend next and support you in staying on track with your fellow students to achieve your goals.

If you have not yet tracked all the scholarships you have applied to and don't know how, you're in the right place! 

Begin by finding the scholarship on our Scholarships tab in the Scholarship Matching App. If you can't find the scholarship, you can add a new scholarship under the Scholarships tab. 

Note: If you have applied to a university and not updated your schools of interest under your matching criteria, the entrance award you are looking for may not be available to track on your sheet. Make sure you update the universities you're applying to so you can track all the scholarships and entrance awards you've applied to!