What is OSAP?

OSAP stands for Ontario Student Assistance Program. This is the provincial government's program to help students pay for post-secondary education. It is designed to supplement one's funds for education purposes.

OSAP offers funding through:

  1. Student loans
  2. Grants

When someone tells you they are considering OSAP, typically what they are really saying is that they are looking at student loans.

Who can get OSAP?

OSAP is open to Ontario residents of any age who are:

How to apply for OSAP?

OSAP has a great step-by-step guide on how to apply here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-apply-osap.

You can also ask your counsellor for support when applying! Of course, GrantMe can help you as well!

Things to keep in mind:

  • OSAP doesn’t consider you an independent until you have been out of high school for 4 years. This means that they expect at least 1 parent to help you with financial costs for 4 years.
  • When you first sign up for OSAP, you will fill out a quiz so you understand what grants and loans are and how OSAP works before you can actually apply!

If you're not a resident of Ontario, please refer to the list of other provincial student loans (https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/education/student-aid/grants-loans/province-apply.html) programs to find information on student financial aid in your area.