What is the price of the GrantMe Scholarship Success Program?

For students who are great scholarships candidates who want to maximize how much they're winning, we have something called the GrantMe Scholarship Success Program. It's a school year-long program that includes a tailored scholarship package, online training modules, regular workshops with Madison Guy, and essay editing.

The price of the program varies depending on the service provided. We determine the best fit for each student on our free strategy call. If you'd like to apply to the program, you can book a strategy call here:

Book a strategy call here

On the call we'll go over your application, discuss your scholarship eligibility, and come up with an actionable plan for your post-secondary secondary education. And if it sounds like we can help you, we'll let you know up front.

The program isn't for everyone and we only work with students that we know we can get great results with. If you're the type of student who wants to maximize your scholarship success, but you're not sure how to do that on your own, jump on a Free Strategy call. If we can help you we'll be upfront and let you know. Either way, you'll get valuable information about your scholarship eligibility and an action plan to start executing.