How do I submit my essay for editing?

You have probably heard a lot about our awesome editing team by now and you might be wondering "What is all the hype about?"

Well, send in your first essay to find out!

How do I submit a Scholarship Essay?

For Scholarship Essays, Admissions Essays, and Worksheets, you can submit your writing right to us! We'll create a Google Doc on your behalf!

  1. If you're submitting an essay for the first time, select "Submit Writing" in the menu navigation and then select, "First Submission":

  1. Select "Scholarship Essay," and proceed to enter the scholarship's essay prompt, word limit, and your essay for the given scholarship essay you are submitting:

  1. That's it! You've successfully submitted your essay for editing!

WARNING: Make sure you have tracked the scholarship that you are submitting the essay for otherwise, it will not populate from the list of scholarship names. If the scholarship is not on your matches, you can add it as an individual scholarship. 

How do I submit Admissions Essays?

Admission essay submissions are very similar to scholarship essay submissions!

Instead of selecting, "Scholarship Essay," select, "Admissions Essay," and enter the admissions essay prompt, word limit, and your essay!

What if my application requires a response to more than one prompt?

Simply select "+ Add An Essay Prompt Section" to add another prompt, word limit, and essay.

You can add up to ten prompts for any given submission!

How do I submit a revision?

You can now submit a revision from two places: "Submit Writing" or "My Submissions"

To submit a revision from "Submit Writing":

  1. Select "Submit Writing," then select, "Subsequent Submission"

  1. From the dropdown list, select the writing you wish to resubmit, select, "Submit Revision," confirm that you've made revisions to your Google Doc by selecting, "Confirm Submission"

WARNING: Make sure you have edited your essay before you submit a revision!

To submit a revision from "My Submissions":

  1. Select, "My Submissions," then find the submission that you'd like to submit a revision for, and click, "Submit Revision."
  2. Confirm that you've made revisions and click, "Confirm Submission."

I can't find the scholarship I added on the submissions page- what now?

No worries! You can still submit your essay for editing! Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Create a google document
  • Copy and paste your essay into the document
  • Ensure it allows anyone with the link to edit
  • Submit it under the "other" submission page

Our editors will review it like any other essay! 🤗

The editors can't access the document I submitted- Help! 

Oh no! Looks like you haven't allowed anyone with the link to edit. Here is a short video showing you how:

Once you have provided access, let us know on live chat or email and our editors will provide some feedback within 24 hours! 🤗


For an overview of how to submit writing and revisions, please watch this video: