What is the format of the GrantMe Scholarship Success Program?

The GrantMe Scholarship Success Program is an online and action based program. We designed the program to be accessible to students anywhere in Canada no matter where they live.

You access the program through an internet browser just like Facebook or Netflix. You can access it on any desktop or laptop computer, and any tablet or mobile device so long as you have an internet connection.

The Program Includes four main components for the perfectly engineered Grade 12 year:

  • Tailored Scholarship Package: we match you to scholarships based on the information you have given us in your application form and on your resume. We consider things such as your academic standing, your schools/programs of interest and your volunteer and work expereince to find you the scholarships in our database that will give you the best success rate.
  • Online Training Course: We have an eight-module course that covers a wide range of topics including Personal Branding, Goal Setting For Impact, The Winning Resume and The Persuasive Cover Letter, Student Job Search Tactics, Unlocking The Admissions Algorithm, The Scholarship Formula, and Student Saving Hacks. Over 10 hours of material is available and we ask students to go through this at the start to set the foundation for the program.
  • Workshops With Our Founder Madison Guy (online and replayable): We host workshops in a webinar format throughout the course that covers specific course material and always include a Q+A for students to ask specific questions. They are always available for replay when you are unable to join us live.
  • Essay and Application Editing: Once we have given you the scholarships you should apply for, we have an essay editing dropbox where you are able to submit all of your applications/essays for review. We make comments and suggested changes to improve your application and support you in putting forth the best application possible.

The program is action based because you submit your essays and applications to us for editing, participate in interactive workshops, and actively apply to scholarships throughout the year. We give you all the tools and resources you need to be successful, but ultimately you have a responsibility to complete the applications.

This program is also competitive. We are looking for students who we know can have scholarship success based on their academic standing, volunteer, leadership and work experience. Most importantly, we are looking for students who are highly motivated.

If you'd like to apply, please schedule a strategy call.