What are the results of students who go through your programs?

In last years program, our students won an average of $9100 in scholarships. Our top students were winning anywhere from $30,000-$45,000 in scholarships (these were students who started the process in Grade 10 or 11). Be mindful of the fact that this was ONLY the scholarships that they won in Grade 12. Imagine what they are going to win in the next four years of their undergraduate degree.

Note: We have students currently enrolled in our program, have already won over $15,000 and they aren't even halfway through their Grade 12 year!

To be very honest and clear, the type of student who gets these types of results are students who exhibit the following:

  1. Students that have identified that they are in the program to become the TYPE of student who wins scholarships and gets into their first choice school. They saw the value of the program immediately, not because of scholarships, but because they saw an opportunity to build the skills and gather the tools to do so. 
  2. Students that have authentic and regular communication. The students who win big are the students who communicate when they have problems and touch base with us regularly. This type of communication ensures results.
  3. Students that take full ownership of their own results. These students understand the program is designed for support and that they must take full ownership of their actions in order to win big.
  4. Students that meet all deadlines and submit assignments to us.
  5. Students that engage in meaningful discussion with us and their peers.
  6. Students that are action takers. They go so far beyond the bare minimum that we also get to learn from them. 

We keep the program competitive by getting on calls with students and assessing their eligibility and motivation. Students HAVE to be motivated to win and if they are, they have an opportunity to win big.

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