What are the results of students who use your platform?

The best way to hear about the success of our students is to visit our Scholars page! Here you'll find our "Hall of Fame" with some of our top scholarship winners. Click the YouTube icon to get an inside look at their journey to success as they are interviewed by us!

If you want a deeper insight, visit our blog and read some of the Student Stories authored by GrantMe alumni. Learn how they went from feeling overwhelmed or even skeptical about GrantMe to winning thousands of dollars in scholarships.

This will give you a great feel for how the top students using our platform win high-ticket scholarships. You can also see our founder Madison on BreakfastTV explaining her own success story and how she developed GrantMe!

In terms of money, our students win an average of $9,200 in scholarships. 

Top students who started the process in Grades 10 or 11 win anywhere from $30,000 to $155,000 in scholarships in a single year. And their journey doesn't stop there—they have several years of university in which they can apply to more scholarships. Those numbers add up!

Certain students (our “Super Students”) have a better chance of winning scholarships. These are students who:

  1. Use the program to build skills and gather tools, not just make a quick buck.
  2. Fully participate and communicate if they have issues.
  3. Take full ownership of their own results. 
  4. Meet all deadlines and submit assignments.
  5. Engage in meaningful discussions with us and their peers.
  6. Remain action-oriented! Even our staff watch in amazement as they fly past the bare minimum and go above and beyond in every way!

Our program is competitive and effective because we stay in communication. Regularly scheduled calls help our students consistently understand their progress and maintain motivation. 

If you're determined to win scholarships and willing to go the distance, GrantMe can empower you with the tools and skills to create a fulfilling future.