Different Types of Scholarships

What is an automatic scholarship? What about an entrance award? What is this Rotary Club Scholarship? It's a confusing maze of applications and requirements, but don't worry! GrantMe is here to lend a hand and guide you 🙌

Types of Scholarships

  1. Post-secondary Entrance Awards
    • Automatic Scholarships: Automatic entrance scholarships are based on a student’s grades as they go into post-secondary school. Once you apply to the school, you will already be considered for this kind of scholarship.
    • Merit-based Scholarships: Merit-based entrance scholarships award students based on their achievement in areas like community involvement, athletics, and fine arts. These scholarships take into account both volunteer work and grades. Sometimes these awards are given to students automatically upon acceptance to a university. Other times, you need to submit an essay or additional application.


  2. High-school Internal Awards: Your high school typically gives scholarships to their students! You may need to apply or be automatically considered based on your grades. Make sure to ask your counselors about these scholarships.
  3. District Awards: Your provincial government and school board also award students for their demonstrated excellence in their chosen area. Check out your provincial Ministry of Education website and school board website to find these opportunities!
  4. Affiliate Scholarships: Affiliate scholarships are awarded to specific kinds of students. This kind of scholarship is a great opportunity for a student to look into how their home network or favorite activities can fund their education. Many organizations offer scholarships and bursaries, so you can be sure to find one that suits your academic achievements, volunteer work, and interests!

    Here are some Affiliate Scholarship examples that each student should look into:


    1. Parents’ Employers (unions)
    2. Student Employers
    3. Clubs (i.e., sports, dance, drama)
    4. Veteran Family Members
    5. Organizations You Have Volunteered With


  5. Sponsored Scholarships: Many different organizations or foundations provide scholarships to students even if they are not affiliated with the organization!

Opportunities can be endless, but sifting through all this data may be overwhelming and cumbersome. At GrantMe, we work hard that you are matched to the scholarship suited to your personality, achievement, and favorite activities, so make sure you are filling in your GrantMe matching criteria fully and not leaving any blanks for a bright debt-free future!