What types of scholarships can I win?

There are four types of scholarships students can win:

  1. Entrance Scholarships
  2. High School Scholarships
  3. University Scholarships
  4. External Scholarships

Let's go over the different types of scholarships and which ones are the best fit for you.


Entrance Scholarships are tied to the university or college that you're applying to. You win these scholarships based on your academics and your application to the university/college. Although sometimes universities/colleges have a separate application for the entrance scholarships. Most major entrance scholarships are based on leadership and merit. You have to write a supplementary application and essay in order to qualify for them and they are HIGHLY competitive.

These are a good fit for you if you have strong academics and have leadership experience.

High School Scholarships

High School Scholarships are tied to the high school you attend. You are only eligible for these scholarships in your grade 12 year. High school scholarships are a hidden gem because they often have more scholarships than applicants. And sometimes they are not well-publicized. So if you're willing to do the work, you can find out what internal scholarships to apply to through your school directly.

These are a good fit for you...always. Always check with your high school to see what you're eligible for. Internal High School Scholarships are only available for a limited time - and most other grade 12s consider themselves too busy to apply. If you do apply, you'll often have an edge.

University Scholarships

Universities offer scholarships and awards for students with good academic standing and that are involved with extra-curricular activities. If you are in university, your faculty might also offer individual awards that you could apply for. Take the time to see a counselor and check to see what scholarships are relevant to you. 

There are countless opportunities to win money in university. Your scholarship journey does not end in high school. Scholarships are a possibility for EVERYONE as long as you are in school. 


External scholarships are not tied to any specific school. You might call them third-party or community scholarships. Generally, companies, organizations, and foundations give out external scholarships. They range from $100 to $100,000. Some are extremely competitive and well known. Others have zero applicants. 

Research is your friend here. That's how we built our database with thousands of scholarships. We have spent thousands of hours finding, compiling, and monitoring scholarships in Canada.

These are a good fit for you...also always. Each student in Canada is literally eligible for hundreds of thousands in scholarships. But you have to sift through lots of scholarships that you are not eligible for to find the ones that you are eligible for. And this takes a lot of time. The trick is, do you have enough time to do that research? If you don't, our program is designed to support you in finding these scholarships and actually winning them.