How much will I win?

At the end of the day, you’re here because you see how scholarships could help your education. So, how much can you expect to win?

It's impossible to predict this number. However, if you are in it to win it, you could join our top students who win anywhere from $5,000-$110,000. 

You can hear their experience with the scholarship process here

After working with thousands of students, there are five distinguishing characteristics that separate scholarship winners from everybody else.

1. Diverse Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities

Diverse activities show that students are involved and engaged in their communities. Community involvement can include:

  • Business
  • Arts, Music & Performance
  • Sports
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Extra School Involvement

Students who excel usually invest in at least two of these areas. This diversifies their scholarship or application story and makes them stand out to a committee.

Does this sound like you? Ask yourself: Does my resume look like I only focus on one thing?

2. Passionate Involvement

More isn't always better. Consider what you truly love and where you make your maximum impact. Focused engagement is better than just ticking boxes by doing it all. Having deep, meaningful stories also enhances your essay. 

Does this sound like you? Ask yourself: Am I passionate about my volunteer & extracurriculars?

3. Strong Academics

It's no surprise that students with strong academics do better than students with weaker academics. Strong academics help with your post-secondary admission and entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarships are usually tied to your application to college or university. Bottom line: the higher your mark, the more money you can win.

Students who win entrance scholarships to universities are definitely above a 90% GPA. We coach students to aim for at least a 92% to increase their chances of winning.

For university students, a competitive GPA is usually 75% or higher.

Does this sound like you? Ask yourself: What can I do to boost my GPA?

4. Strong Writing Skills

Since most scholarships include some sort of written application, your ability to write is critical to your success. The main skill required to win scholarships and get into the school of your choice is something called "business writing." This is a different skill than what is typically taught in high schools. Since very few students master this skill, the ones that do stand out above everyone else.

As with all skills, writing takes practice. Our program comes with the recommendation that students write five scholarship essays to hone their writing skills. Each of these essays undergoes rigorous edits and helpful feedback. There is a direct correlation between this practice and better performance in scholarship awards.

Does this sound like you? Ask yourself: How much have you practiced writing your scholarship essays?


Students who win have a can-do attitude. This positivity is improved as we coach them through the process. It helps to understand that there are $8.2 million of unclaimed scholarships each year in Canada. You are eligible for this money. If you never fill out an application, you will never win. More applications increase your chances. We will guide you through this whole process, A-Z. 

Does this sound like you? Ask yourself: Have I taken enough action to win scholarships?

There's no mystery to winning scholarships and getting into your first-choice school. If you have these five traits, you’ve got a way better chance. Doesn’t sound like you? Tap into some of that unlimited potential and hone these skills.

If you'd like to learn about your scholarship eligibility and see if you're a good fit for the GrantMe Financial Freedom Mastery Program, watch our online webinar here!