How much will I win?

How much can you expect to win?

It's impossible to predict exactly how much you can win. However, are top students win anywhere from $30,000-$110,000. You can hear their experience with the scholarship process here. After working with thousands of students, there are five distinguishing characteristics that separate scholarships winners from everybody else.

1. Diverse Volunteer & Extracurricular Activities

Diverse activities show that students are involved and engage in their community. Students involved in diverse activities might have several different interests across:

  • Business
  • Arts, Music & Performance
  • Sports
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Extra School Involvement

Students who do well usually combine 2 or more of these areas.

Students who stick to one area have a less interesting story to tell the scholarship or application committee. So your resumes and application essays won't stand out as someone who has a diverse set of experiences.

Reflection: Does my resume look like I only focus on one thing?

2. Passionate Involvement

More activities and extracurriculars isn't better. It's more important for students to communicate their activities with passion. Your essays will seem empty if it looks like your activities were done just to get the requisite number of volunteer hours. You want to select volunteer and extracurriculars that you are passionate about. Not only will you give more to that activity, but you'll also be able to speak about it with passion. And since scholarship essays are critical to your scholarship success - being able to communicate your activities with passion is critical to your success.

Reflection: Am I passionate about my volunteer & extracurriculars?

3. Strong Academics

It's no surprise that students with strong academics do better than students with weaker academics.

Strong academics help with your post-secondary admission - but also with entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarships are usually tied to your application to college/university. The higher your mark, the more money you can win.

Students who win entrance scholarships to universities are definitely above a 90% GPA. Getting yourself to 92% and above is usually a safe bet for an even better chance at winning.

For university students, a competitive GPA is usually 75% or higher.

But strong academics aren't necessary for all scholarships. Some external scholarships rely more on essay writing and finding the right fit scholarships than academics. 

Reflection: What can I do to boost my GPA?

4. Strong Writing Skills

Since most scholarships include some sort of written application, your ability to write is critical to your success. The main skill required to win scholarships and get into the school of your choice is something called "business writing."  This is a different skill than what is typically taught in high schools. Since very few students master this skill, the ones that do stand out above everyone else.

As with all skills, writing takes practice. We recommend that students write 5 templates of scholarship essays to hone their writing skills. We edit each essay heavily. We put them through reps and reps so that they get good. Each application requires that they hone their writing. It's a discipline. And the ones who do this win.

Reflection: How much have you practiced writing your scholarship essays?


Many students assume that they won't win scholarships so they don't even take action. Since there are millions of dollars of unclaimed scholarships each year ($8.2 million to be exact), this is a bad assumption. Each student in Canada is literally eligible for hundreds of thousands in scholarships. But if you never fill out an application, you'll never win.

The students who win start taking action and then stay consistent with their system. They win more because they apply to more.

Reflection: Have I taken enough action to win scholarships?

There's no mystery to winning scholarships and getting into your first-choice school. If you have these 5 traits, you're in good hands. If you don't currently, you've still got time.

If you'd like to learn about your scholarship eligibility and see if you're a good fit for the GrantMe Financial Freedom Mastery Program, watch our online webinar here!