Why do students need a scholarship system?

Is it possible to win 10x to 100x more than other students...without spending extra time on scholarships?

Yes, it is. And we've worked with thousands of students who have done it.

In this article, we'll explain exactly how they do it.

First, they have a Tailored Scholarship List.

Many students Google around and find a few scholarships. But they often ask themselves, 

"Am I eligible?" 

"Is this for me?"

"Will I win?"

"Is this too competitive?"

Students with a Tailored Scholarship List get recommendations from proven scholarships. Scholarships that you are eligible for, that are for you, and that you have a good chance of winning.

Students who get a Tailored List also save hundreds of hours of time by focusing on scholarships that are realistic given their eligibility. The scholarship search process is the most time-consuming part of the process. Students with a Tailored List don't have to search - they focus their efforts on writing winning scholarship essays and applying to more Tailored Scholarships. Without spending extra time, these students win big because they are more efficient and apply to the right scholarships.

Second, they have Winning Scholarship Essay Templates.

Students with Winning Scholarship Essay Templates understand that they only need to write 4-5 template essays, and then recycle them for each new scholarship application. The most efficient scholarship winners combine pieces of each Winning Template to form new winning combinations. And they understand that Winning Scholarship Essays and Winning University Applications are basically the same things. Most scholarship committees/university admissions teams are looking for very similar attributes in students. So our students know that by honing their Winning Scholarship Essay Templates, they're also honing their university applications. It doesn't take any extra time, but it leads to big winnings and a refined university application.

Third, they understand that scholarship essays are written in a unique style.

Students who win big and get into their first-choice school understand their writing style must capture the attention of the reader, while also being professional and persuasive. This is a unique style that is not taught in high school and some university English classes. Students who master this writing style stand out from the rest and win disproportionately more money than everybody else. 

Fourth, they get immediate support from experts who have been through the process - and who routinely help students win big and get into their top-choice school. 

Practice makes perfect. But most people only apply to scholarships once. So how do most people get good results?

The answer: Learn from someone who did it.

If you can find someone who has personally won thousands in scholarships, go to them for advice! They have a system and they can share what they know.

And if you can find someone who has helped students win millions in scholarships, go to them for advice too! They probably have a system and they can share their system with you.

Using this system, we've seen students win 10-100x more than their peers - without spending extra time. 

If you'd like help implementing this system, you can book a call with an educator at GrantMe here. It's a quick 15 minute call to go over your scholarship eligibility, help you plan for scholarships, and if we can help you out, we'll let you know.